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East Coast Woodworking Inc. mixes superior customer service with exceptional craftsmanship, making us one of the best places to come for residential or commercial cabinetry, countertops, retail fixtures, furniture, custom built bookcases and so much more!  We take great pride in all we do whether you're remodeling a spare bathroom in your home, refreshing a kitchen, a camper makeover or something much bigger.  Our millwork specialists know the virtues and limitations of building and finishing materials.  When they recommend materials for a design, they will consider every force that will act on that design.

We pride ourselves on developing partnerships with contractors seeking our expertise.  We strive to provide accurate and honest quotes for projects.  ECW uses the latest technology to help contractors present the best options to their clients.  Our design softwares allow for a better examples of our work and how it will work in the venue when its installed.  Once the designs are approved, our project team oversees the progress to the end.  Communication and coordination of the project schedule and lead times are vital to our success and the success of the contractors.  With our professional installation team and our 30+ years of experience, ECW is the right choice for a successful project.

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Millwork
  • CNC Services
  • Moulding
  • Panels
  • Sign Routing
  • Fine Furniture
Commercial Woodworking

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